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Last orders

 Hi everyone well I have bn selling the Rhb & Fylingthorpe 2019 calendar most of the year 

I must say it's been my most successful  calendar ever ,I've managed to keep up stocks most places as best as I can but now I think we are coming to the end of the line and another year I would just like to inform people that the deadline for last calendar orders will be 14 th of December 

I would like to thank everyone who as purchased my calendar and I would like to thank local establishments who were selling especially Thorpe Stores ,Bogglehole & Paws of Bay .

I am currently designing the 2020 calendar which is looking even more awesome and will be available from spring 2019,any other local business interested in selling this plz feel free to contact me 

Once again thank you for your support 

Best Wishes Steve 


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