• Steve mark husband

Wedding Revisited

Well im known for my landscape & lifestyle photography more than anything but in the last few years people have began to notice my style.

This eventually led to enquiries about wedding & events so eventually I was steadily reeled in & became official photographer at several weddings ,baptisms & events .

My biggest challenge was the wedding last December of our two friends Lisa & Gareth ,this was particularly challenging due to the time of year with the low light levels.

Any way all ended good with a few minor tech hitches put I pulled it off & so this a milestone in my career, I gained more confidence & lessons learned .

Images edited in a reasonable time couple were pretty happy some of the images noisey due to low light levels but im pretty happy with most .

2000 images taken, good photo ratio lots of doubles & plenty to play with iff required .

Iv'e always been a fan of looking at images again in the near future it seems my vision changes over several weeks & I go back to files & edit them in a very different & creative way


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