• Steve mark husband

Selby Visit

Well I enjoyed my latest visit to my home town of Selby in February .

I had organised several days break staying with my family in Camblesforth my plan to spend some time with my son Jamie managing a good night out and a top notch meal at my favourite Jinnah restaurant .

I was also hoping to fit in some photography not only of the village as I've always felt the need to document the area but also coincide this with a shoot at my favourite Selby Abbey .

This is one of the most magnificent buildings I ever been in and my second visit as a photographer it never fails to impress as I'm sure u will agree by some of you who have already seen the images .

It was a lovely morning & I always enjoy the Abbeys surrounding area particulary  as it was market day combine this with spring flowers & it's a recipe for success.I would love to do a bit of street & lifestyle photography on my next visit but I'm not sure how people in Selby town would take to having their photograph taken just doing everyday things,its a world away from Robin Hood's Bay where i can take photos at will& as I have explained before it is a compliment iff I point my camera your way.

Looking forward to my next visit & showing the town off though my vision


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