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A Million Dreams

As a photographer I am very lucky to live in this glorious place on the North Yorkshire coast,

I have bad days when I cant get inspiration ,I have good days when I wander on to the beach and its just like stepping on stage and its all laid out for me .

Then I have days when my dreams come true.

This was a dream evening just over a year ago ,I had been keeping my eye on this owl for over six months on my daily travels,noting areas it frequented,times of day etc.

Many times I turned up with my camera in the hope I would get the shot ,but as always in life nothing turned out as it should.

The only time the owl showed up was on my way to work or anytime I didn't have my camera.

Then!one evening I just had this feeling that something was going to happen ,I gathered my gear and set off in anticipation ,down the lanes and towards the cliff ,there he was patrolling waiting for me flying ,hunting his prey and seemed like he was posing ,this was my moment my dream!

It was all over in an hour by that time I had taken all the shots and probably taken one of my favourite shots of my career so far

I dared to dream and I accomplished it in style ,there are many dream shots I have in my mind most of them I want to achieve while wandering this bay.

Some may be impossible ,some maybe just on the horizon ,but all in all I can keep on dreaming for that perfect photograph

Luv Bay