• Steve mark husband


The other day I decided to have a walk to Raw just up from bay and one of the first settlements in this area.

I had only visited once before a few years ago when I first arrived in bay but photographically had slipped my mind ,I think I had it in my mind there was not much up there to make images although I think this was biased as we are quite spoilt with the beach and back alleys of Robin Hoods Bay .

Well im sure u will agree that I wasn't disappointed its a beautiful area and as I looked passed the stone walling and over the bay I realised the potential for some breath taking shots

I carried on my walk down the narrow country lanes really excited at the thought of the images i'd just shot and for one moment I thought I was going to get muddled up with my bearings as I wasn't familiar with the area

Anyway I followed the road with the view of the bay never really leaving me taking some good and different shots along the way till I ended up near old St Stephens Church and wow did I get some shots all in all a good experience I cant wait to get up there again .


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