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Glad to be back ,an early summer visit to Selby

It's not very often I get to spend a half term in the early part of the summer with the family due to work commitments etc but I think a bit of fatigue and circumstances made my mind up for a vacation to the family at Camblesforth near Selby ,better circumstances than my last visit so i have my trusty little Sony Alpha camera with me this camera is what I call my everyday day camera and is with me most outings it's small compact but packs a punch of most Dslr's

Just perfect for my visits to Selby and Tuesday our visit was no exception with a new wider lens I got some great shots in the Abbey and with some awesome light coming through the glass windows this was a day of shadows

After I done the Abbey it was time to unleash the red brolly for the first time in my home town and it didn't disappoint I always like to be different I hope I've made a few people in my home town smile 

I have a being asked many times why I use this brolly and my answer is always the same I had seen an image on the web and it was of a small alley with no real interest apart from a red brolly and a mono background,simple but powerful

This is is the inspiration behind the red brolly I think it also adds interest on an otherwise dull day ,especially them days I spend wandering the alleys and streets where I live in Robin Hood's Bay 

Hope u enjoy my ideas and I welcome any feedback



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