• Steve mark husband

A Year Like Never Before

As i am sat writing this my thoughts turn to all the people that have sadly lost their lifes.

We are leaving what is our 6th week in lockdown i am thinking how lucky our household in fact our village has been to my knowledge the fact that this dreadful virus has not not being rife in this area

Im sure alot of this is due to local's & villager's who are all stay at home hero's

and also the majority of visitor's are managing to stay away ,although ive noticed a few strange face's about .

Its been a difficult one for me photography wise as i have been abiding by the restrictions and combining my daily excersise & shopping trip all in one

Taking my camera with me for an opportunist moment resulting in not so many good photo's as i would like but at the same time trying to show this village in a unique way quiet & peaceful

Its not so easy with the area i'm covering

It's either down Middlewood Lane then down the old railway or its a walk direct through the village trying to record this once in a liftime event

Although the village looks so quiet & sad without the visitor's

Its great for us to take time out while the world heal's

For anyone missing RHB we will still be here waiting for you when this is over

And the best way to help all the coastal communities recover when this is all over is have a good old British holiday & put the money back into this economy

As for me i'll bide my time keep on recording daily life ,keep the family safe ,and help.the NHS

Oh & if your missing Robin Hood'sBay that much you can always drop me a line & purchase a calendar or print's

For now everyone stay safe

Best Wishes Steve


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