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Springtime Like Never Before

Well we finally got winter over with

Its being a long one for me very cold I couldn't get a lot of the shots I wanted

But thanks to a few local.business I managed to get a lot of interior shoots ie hotels ,pubs etc and I'm entirely grateful to them for supporting local .

No sooner had the spring started I had started to get round the bay getting shots of the new flowers daffs etc

Lighter mornings and evening wandering up into hills surrounding the bay, well all that has being halted with the dreaded Coronavirus

Now i feel like things are on hold for the rest of the summer

On top of that my first weddings of the season cancelled ,calendar on hold ,and I didnt know how it affects my other products

Who knows how long this will last but I'm.determind to be back bigger and better

A lot of my wedding shoots are postponed till later in the year so I'm grateful for the continued support

I'm hoping to do more shoots in my home town of Selby .commercial more events and fine art portraiture using local models also for the first time I'm having a stall at the local village hall for the Robin Hood's Bay Victorian weekend

So let's hope everyone plays their part and being sensible and helping get rid of this nasty virus

On that note I wish everyone the very best

Stay safe ,this country of ours will rise again

See you all about very soon and watch this space